What is Gtracks?

This site is run by a group of Christians who believe that one of the key ways that the world will be reached will be through the power of Gospel music. Gtracks has been set up to help Gospel artists all around the world to promote their tracks. We believe Gospel is the highest form of musical expression and we believe it deserves a new home. Gtracks is the world’s first viable alternative to sites like Spotify, itunes and Bandcamp especially developed for the Gospel Industry. The main difference with Gtracks is that we believe the artist should always receive the Lions share. When an individual buys gospel music through this site, they are actively supporting the artists who make the industry possible.

When was Gtracks set up?

The work began during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is taken quite a few years to develop the technology to make the backend of the site work. The site will be launching officially on the Easter weekend of 2024.

Is Gtracks a Gospel music distributor?

No! We are not a distributor such as distrokid or CDbaby. We are a an online storefront offering the latest Gospel music from around the world on behalf of the Artists themselves. Each artist has set up their own account from which they can distribute their own music directly to the public, so in a sense, the artists on G tracks become self distributing.

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